Custom Armatures

Our thin-lam armature blank comes from years of development. Phantoms have won 30 Hopra National Championships since 1989.  Excellent for Polymer, Neo or Unlimited racing. All custom winds are guaranteed not to develop a 'short' to the armature stack, or we replace it at no charge.  These arms also feature  the best Heavy-Duty Commutator around.  Ball-bearing shaft fits ball-bearings or bushings.  $Call

117 Phantom II


Single wind, 36.5 thru 31 gauge. Double winds available.

118 Phantom II Cheetah


34 to 32.5 gauge for CHEETAH, Thundercat & PANTHER NEO Cars.  A must for dependable Unlimited/NEO racing. These have a slightly longer stack for increased torque.   

   130  Custom Winds for G+ cars


      'G' platform high performance armatures with same           HD commutator. 

SUPER STOCK ARMS (5.9-6.3 Ohm )


104v 'Hot Stock' Tyco timing. Advanced, Epoxied, Balanced and Trued  CCW Rotation. 




110v 'Hot Stock' G timing. Advanced, Epoxied, Balanced and Trued. 






Green WIRE ARMS (36 gage, @ 2.6 Ohms)



Epoxied, balanced and trued. Great for Polymer Magnets. CCW Rotation.





109 GREEN POWER X-2 Arm. Fastest green Arm around! Epoxied, balanced & trued. Melt-Proof Comm. Advanced Timing. Great with Polymer, or Ceramic magnets.