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T-Jet Performance Parts

1440  Hi- Contact Pickup Shoes


These shoes will positively increase the speed of any T-Jet. They provide maximum power delivery and the top Pros choose them over any competitor's shoes, as they will not burn like every other shoe on the market.     

1447  Turbo Motor Brushes


This is another critical component for T-Jets. To attain Peak Performance, cheaper compromises are simply not an option. Our Turbo motor brushes are absolutely the highest Quality, best performing motor brushes for all T-Jets. Dimensions are very consistent. There's no excess 'flash' to scrape off the edges and they'll outlast AND outperform other brands. Finished 1,2,3 at the 2011 & 2012 Hopra Nationals, and dominate at the Fray.
Anything else is handicapping your car.


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