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Performance!  Not Propaganda...


Welcome to our NEW website. We will be adding much more technical information, special offers and pictures on a continual basis, so be sure to check back frequently for updates.



Since 1989, our mission has been to provide the HO slot racing community with products of the utmost performance and reliability, with open availability.

That same year we were the first to introduce our revolutionary Endurosil silicone coated sponge tires, and cheap imitations quickly surfaced.  Now, with the new Red Devils, Slottech has set a new standard for tire performance yet again.


In 1990 we brought you Polymer Bonded Magnets, another first, as well as the first truly performance oriented HO gears. In 1993 our CHEETAH Unlimited Chassis drastically raised the bar and has since won 13 HOPRA National Championships. The following year our Panther Chassis made it possible for anyone to easily build a highly competitive car for any class. Things like Griptite Axles, Micromesh Gears and our innovative Bigfoot Brush System in 1997, solved many reliability issues while increasing performance yet again. Our exclusive ELF Bushings offer unequaled qualities.

PhantomII Custom Armatures have long been the H.O. benchmark for reliability, longevity as well as performance.


We back our product line not with hype, but with sound engineering and over 50 years of HO experience & creativity. We have a firm commitment to quality and our customers. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and we welcome your feedback, always. You may spend less, many often spend more in the long run, but quality has no substitute. Our record of stability in our product line is also unmatched, and our dedication to H.O. Racing and our customers is ongoing. While imitations have been our highest compliment, they remain exactly that, cheap imitations.

The Thundercat is now in it’s 6th year, with numerous victories in open competition…including 3 HOPRA Super Stock National Championships, as well as HOPRA Modified and

3 Neo Modified  Championships. Now, our T-Jet performance parts are also the winners' choice.


Thank you and always remember having FUN is what this hobby/sport is all about.




Tony Porcelli

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