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Thundercat T3


4933 T3 Spec Stock Kit. Stock arm, G6 Magnets, standard electricals and slip-on tires. $Call    




4919  T3 GreenPower G13 Kit.   Features dynamically balanced, advanced timed, #109 GreenPower 36Ga. arm with good high-temp commutator, new G13 Polymer Magnets, Slip-on tires and Silver Bigfoot Brushes.  $Call



4903  T3 Rear Bulkhead, w/ T2 Chassis, Front bulkhead, bushings and clips.  $19



4903R  Same as 4903, with rear axle retainer.  $26




4903-1  T3 Rear Bulkhead Only.  For those who wish to convert an existing Thundercat T2 to the G6 or G13 Motor and Traction Magnets. (must be used together!) This bulkhead may also be used with the T1 chassis & G13 Magnets, but will require sanding.  $6.75


Note: ANY substitutions or additions may affect the pricing. For rear axle retainer, add $7.00

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