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                               Polymer Magnets

64 T3 "Magneto"  Motor Magnets


These magnets are made from an ultra high temperature material, which provides improved motor performance and handling.  $17.00/pr



81 G13 Motor Magnets for T3


New design for maximum motor field with minimum weight. Double radius.  Grade 13.  $13.35/pr




86 Sampson G13 Traction Magnets for T3. The longest Traction magnet made for H.O. cars!  Get fantastic handling with ease.  $11/pr




Note:Thundercat T3 Polymer G13 Magnets

Requires new T3 Rear Bulkhead

For Panther & X-2 Cars


These work very well with 'Green Arms', as well as Custom Armatures from 36.5 - 35 Gauge.


61 PolyMax Motor Magnets.  High RPM.  $10




62-1 PolyMax Motor Magnets.  High Torque.  $10




62-2 PolyMax Motor Magnets.  Medium Torque.  $10




66  PolyMax Traction Magnets for Tyco.  $6




67  PolyMax Traction Magnets for Panther.  $7




68  Megaflux Grade 13 Traction Magnets.  $8





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