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                                             The original high-end production HO slot car!

4796 '96 PANTHER Chassis & Bulkheads


Use with #61 or 62 Motor Magnets. Build a quick & easy winning  Polymer car that won't break!! (Dark Grey).  $15.00


4700 '95 PANTHER Chassis & Bulkheads.  For Super Stock or Modified classes. (Red or Pink).  $12.50/ea




4705 '95 PANTHER Bulkheads. Red, Pink, or Black.  $9.00/ea



4706 '96 PANTHER Bulkheads. Dark Grey.  $9.00/ea




4721 PANTHER Green Pro Stock Kit. Polymax magnets, 109 Green Arm, Bigfoot brushes and Slip-On tires. Great car for home tracks.  $Call




4730 '96 PANTHER Polymer Kit. Build a Ballistic R.O. car! Includes Phantom II Rewind, Polymax Motor Mags, Megaflux Traction Mags, Bigfoot Brush System, Ball Bearings, Supermesh gears, Slip-On tires and rear axle retainer. $Call





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