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Bigfoot Brush System


Another major innovation in 1997, our Bigfoot System is designed to get maximum power to the armature and extended commutator life.  Do not be taken in by bogus copies & inferior brushes which will blacken the comm.


2300 2 ea. BIGFOOT Brushes, Barrels, Screws.   $16.00




2082  Gold Plated .008 Bigfoot Springs.  $1.75/pr










230-1 Hi-Power Bigfoot Brushes. Higher copper content for maximum power without excessive commutator wear.    



230S Silver Bigfoot Brushes.  Great for Super Stock cars. $4.50/pr






231 BIGFOOT Brush Barrels.  Gold plated, Super-Precision Machined Phosphor-Bronze, NOT BRASS like other brands, for greater strength.  Beware of cheap imitations! $8.50/pr






232 BIGFOOT Brush Barrel Screws. Hollow Aluminum for heat dissipation & use with shunt wire. $8.50/pr








More Electrical


203 High-performance brushes. Better performance and longer wear than stock Tyco.  $1.55/pr




208 #2-56 set screws for Brush Barrels.  $1.50/pr




208S Silver Plated Set Screws.  1/16" long. $2.00/pr




228 SILVERGOLD "Gripper" Threaded Barrels. Silver and Gold plating for super conductivity. Special diamond "teeth" to prevent any movement. $4.00/pr




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